Tenant Handbook



A.      Purpose 

This emergency plan is established as an integral part of the 750 Canyon Team's response to emergencies. The contents of this plan are designed as an operational guide for the behavior, safety and protection of our tenants and visitors to the building.

B.       Scope 

As outlined on the following pages, this emergency plan establishes a sequential plan of response for recognizing, identifying, and reporting the existence of specific emergency situations threatening the building and/or its inhabitants; and then provides for the safety and protection of endangered personnel and assets. When implemented and supplemented with appropriate instructions from the building's General Manager (or representatives), this plan becomes an operational tool for effective and responsive action when occupants of the building are forced to cope with various emergency situations.


C.       Duties and Responsibilities of Tenant Wardens 

Tenant Wardens are the connecting links between the property management team and their respective employees. As such, they have direct control and responsibility for all decisive matters relating to the safety of their employees during an emergency. 


Tenant Wardens must effectively execute the following:

  1. Assume responsibility for communicating appropriate pre-planned emergency procedures, and data to all employees under their jurisdiction through orientation and or company bulletin boards.
  2. Be knowledgeable about what is not commonplace; i.e., unusual or foreign to the normal environment of they're areas. This will allow qualified assistance in conducting searches and identifying suspicious items. 
  3. Notify Assistant Wardens of a planned absence from the building.


D.      Method for Reporting Changes in Tenant Wardens and Assistant Wardens 

Because the tenant wardens are a vital nerve in the response to an emergency in the building, interruptions in communications must be avoided. Any changes in the employment status of a tenant warden should be reported (in writing) to the property management office.


E. Testing of the Buildings Emergency Plan Procedures 

Various aspects of the building's emergency plan procedures will be tested on a deliberate, systematic and periodic basis, in accordance with instructions from the General Manager or the Fire Department. Such testing will familiarize key personnel with their emergency duties and responsibilities, evaluate these duties and the emergency plan procedures, and will help identify any existing deficiencies and the need to make official corrections or adjustments.