Tenant Handbook


Police / Fire/ Emergency 911
Non-Emergency Police – Coppell 972-304-3600
Non-Emergency Fire – Coppell 972-304-3512
Building Emergency Number (Property Management) 214-307-8150
Building Security 469-271-2599
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 214-559-5000
U.S. Secret Service 972-868-3200
Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222




Emergencies, regardless of their shape, size or form, generally call for quick, safe arid concise responses that eliminate, curtail or even prevent serious situations from occurring. 

This Emergency Procedures Handbook has been designed to enable all personnel the capability of responding to most emergencies that may be encountered in a confident manner. 

This manual is in no way all-inclusive nor could any manual be all inclusive of the types of situations that may occur. However, this manual does offer the tenants as well as the Property Team members the ability to respond in an effective manner. These emergency safety procedures can be effective only through the coordinated participation of tenants, their employees, and the building staff, and a complete understanding of the procedures by everyone in the building is essential to their success. Therefore, it is important that these procedures be reviewed with your employees on a periodic basis.