Tenant Handbook

Fire Emergency Procedures

The Fire Department will be notified immediately any time the Fire Alarm System receives an indication that a fire emergency exits.
Fire Emergency

A. An automatic fire alarm (smoke detector, water flow alarm).
B. Report of smoke or fire by an individual calling Security or Property Management Office.
C. A report of smoke odor by an individual calling Security or Property Management Office.
D. An extinguished fire reported by a tenant or employee.
Procedures to be followed during a fire emergency:
The volunteer fire response team shall consist of a building engineer, security personnel, and property management representatives. Their duties shall be as outlined below:
  1. Security Officer on duty--Automatic Alarm.
  2. Proceed immediately to the Fire Command Center to determine the source and location of the alarm.
  3. Call the Fire Department at 911.
  4. Give building name (750 Canyon) and address (750 Canyon Drive).
  5. Give the floor the fire or alarm is on.
  6. Give your name and telephone number.
  7. Remain calm and do not hang up the telephone until the fire dispatcher has all the information needed.
  8. Notify Security Officers and Engineers of alarm.
  9. Dispatch Fire Response Team to stairwell to assist Fire Wardens in evacuation of fire floor.
  10. Dispatch a security officer via Cellular phone to go to the building entrance to meet and direct police and fire officials to the proper area.
  11. Notify Property Management at 214-307-8150.
  12. Verify Elevators have recalled to the lobby position.
  13. Maintain contact with security officers, fire response team and property management office.
  14. Update all response personnel as significant information is received.
Property Management Office

Report of fire or smoke from an individual:
  1. Ask caller his/her name, and exact location of fire or smoke. (Floor, Suite).
  2. Call the Fire Department at 911 and report information.
  3. Notify Engineering and Security Officers (via radio) and report fire or smoke and the location.
  4. Report immediately to the lobby door with a fire warden checklist and determine which suites and floors have been completely evacuated. Ask for names and locations of anyone that has been left in a stairwell or anyone that may have refused to evacuate.
  5. When all occupants are out of the building, go to each rally point and double check that everyone is there and accounted for.
  6. When the all clear is given, insure that all tenants are aware that they may re-enter the building.
Fire Response Team
  1. 1. Respond via stairwell from two floors above or below, assist Fire Wardens/Assistant Fire Wardens in evacuation of the fire floor and communicate conditions to Fire Control Room.
  2. 2. Lead tenants and assist those requiring help to fire exits.
  3. 3. Provide first aid as required.
  4. 4. Meet the Fire Department and direct them to the fire areas.
  5. 5. Follow instructions from Fire Control Room.
Security Officer dispatched to meet Fire Department.
  1. Meet Fire Department and lead to location of lock box, located on the wall next to the rear entrance to the lobby.
  2. Describe nature of emergency and current status as known from fire response team.3. Lead fire department to Service Elevator and briefly explain operation of fire service function.
Fire/Life Safety Director
  1. 1. Proceed immediately to Fire Command Center.
  2. 2. Become fully aware of the procedures put into effect.
  3. 3. Ensure that actions outlined in this plan are followed.
  4. 4. Monitor communications and relate changing conditions to Response Team.
  5. 5. Upon arrival of the Fire Department, brief the officer in charge. From this point the Fire Department is in charge until the emergency situation is resolved. Be available to assist in any way they request.
  6. 6. Proceed to Fire Control Room and pick up a clipboard with fire warden list and direct operations from outside of the Fire Control Room.
  7. 7. Document any fire wardens that may exit out the front of the building and get any names and locations of individuals left in the stairwells or that refused to evacuate.
  8. 8. Make decisions concerning further evacuation based on information received from Fire Safety Director and Fire Department officials.
  9. 9. Make decision concerning issuing an "All Clear" order based on information received from Life Safety Director and Fire Department officials.
Building Engineers
  1. Upon notification of a fire emergency, engineers need to check the following equipment and/or functions:
  2. Check fire pump to ensure they are operating properly and if in operation, stand by if not.
  3. Check emergency generator to ensure proper operation if primary power has been interrupted.
  4. Check HVAC system to ensure that it has shut down on affected floors.
  5. Ensure that elevators serving affected floors have been recalled.
  6. Following systems check, report to the Fire Command Center and be available to assist the fire department with any of the building's mechanical systems. If required to stay in an area due to operation of equipment use cellular phone to update Fire Command Center
  7. Monitor emergency radio transmissions for further instructions.
  8. When emergency is under control, prepare to reset alarm system. Do not leave the Fire Command Center until cleared by Life Safety Director.
Fire Wardens
In the event of fire or smoke on his/her floor, the Fire Warden shall take the following actions:
  1. Rescue--remove anyone from the immediate danger area. This means the room of origin or immediate vicinity of the fire. This is not an evacuation of the premises.
  2. Confine--close the door to the room of origin. This will act to contain the fire and smoke to that one room for a long period of time.
  3. Alert—
  4. Call the Fire Department at 911 and give the following information:
  5. Nature of the emergency: fire, medical, etc.
  6. Your name.
  7. Complete street address (750 Canyon Drive, Coppell, TX 75019).
  8. Building name (750 Canyon).
  9. Floor number and suite number.
  10. Closest street intersection (750 Canyon Drive and 121 Access Road).
  11. Call back number (DO NOT stay at the phone if you are in danger.)
  12. Call the Building Management Office at 214-307-8150 and give the following information:
  13. Your name
  14. Nature of the problem: fire, medical, etc.
  15. Floor number
  16. Room or suite number
  17. Telephone number you are calling from
  18. Begin evacuation immediately using stairwells and proceeding down and out of the building going at least 200' from the building.
  19. Help all persons requiring assistance.
  20. Assign Assistant Wardens to search restrooms, closets, and storage areas to ensure that all occupants have evacuated and to supervise stairwell evacuation.
  21. Ensure all doors are closed, but not locked.
  22. Do not return to evacuated area until advised by the Fire Department