Tenant Handbook



Occupant Specific Procedures

In the event an incident occurs on property that generates media attention we ask that the following procedures be used: 

Property Related Incidents: 

  1. If an incident occurs that affects base building operations please direct all media inquiries to Building Management.
  2. Building Management is trained and prepared to field all media questions regarding base building operations.
  3. Building Management will provide all relative and factual information in all media inquiries. This will reduce and/or eliminate any rumors from arising. 

Occupant Specific Incidents: 

  1. If an incident or potential incident occurs all inquiries will be directed to that occupants' specified media relation's conduit. Tenants are asked not to discuss any issues with the media regarding any incident unless they are that tenant's representative. Other tenants not directly associated with that occupant are asked to refrain from discussing the incident.
  2. Tenants are asked to designate a "spokesperson" for all media inquiries. Typically this "spokesperson" is associated with the Legal Division of your firm or Human Resources representative. Please confirm this information and advise Building Management in letter format as to whom that person(s) are. Building Management will include this information in our emergency procedures, which will be used in the event of occupant specific incidents.
  3. As a general rule, cooperating with the media may be unfavorable to your company if handled by those not directly held accountable to undertake this task.
  4. Building Management will not divulge any information to the media regarding any tenant unless so directed to do so by the tenant in a written request approved by our legal team. 

Property Team Response: 

  1. Building Management will receive information regarding the incident.
  2. Building Management will secure the property and dispatch Property Team members to assist in controlling access to sensitive locations/material.
  3. Building Management will assist in controlling access to common property areas and direct media personnel to "safe" areas if it involves property specific issues. If it is an occupant specific issue access will be granted upon occupant's written approval.
  4. Security will deny access to media personnel if directed to do so by the General Manager in property specific or occupant specific issues. Media personnel will be escorted to the property line.
  5. If media personnel refuse to leave, Security will at the direction of the General Manager notify the Police Department.
  6. Media coverage is never allowed on property unless directly authorized by the General Manager.