Tenant Handbook

What do you do if you discover a fire or smoke in the building?


Rescue--remove anyone from the immediate danger area. This means the room of origin or immediate vicinity of the fire.  This is not an evacuation of premises.  

Confine--close the door to the room of origin. This will act to contain the fire and smoke to that one room for a longer period of time. 


Call the  Fire Department at 911 and give the following information:

  1. Nature of the emergency: fire, medical, etc.
  2. Your name
  3. Complete street address (750 Canyon Drive)
  4. Building Name (750 Canyon)
  5. Floor number and suite number
  6. Closest street intersection (Canyon Drive and 121 Access Road)
  7. Call-back number (DO NOT stay at the phone if you are in danger) 

Call Building Management at 214-307-8150 and give the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Nature of the problem: fire, medical, etc.
  3. Floor number
  4. Room or suite number
  5. Telephone number your are calling from


Fight--if the fire is small and confined to one object (such as a trash can), locate the fire extinguisher appropriate for fighting that type of fire and use it. Never attempt to fight a fire unless you: 

  1. Know how to operate the fire extinguishing equipment.
  2. Have the appropriate type of extinguisher.
  3. The fire is small.
  4. You have access to an exit if you fail to put the fire out. 

The fire extinguishers in 750 Canyon are located near the stairwells on each floor. They are ABC type extinguisher, which means that they can be used on all three types of fires--ordinary combustible material, flammable liquid fires, and fire involving electrical equipment. An easy way to remember how to operate these extinguishers is the word PASS: 

  • P-- Pull the pin from the handle
  • A--Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
  • S-- Squeeze the handle to discharge the extinguishing agent
  • S-- Sweep from side to side


 If you are instructed to evacuate, you should:

  1. Fire wardens- put on your ORANGE vests.
  2. Enter and go down the nearest stairwell to the First Floor and exit the building going at least 200' from the building. 
  3. Wait there for further instructions over the building's PA system or by runner.

If you are required to evacuate the building, all personnel will proceed to a "safe/stand-off location" as described below. ALL PERSONS WILL BE INSTRUCTED TO WALKAWAY FROM THE BUILDING OUT OF THE LINE OF POSSIBLE FALLING GLASS, AND ASSEMBLE.

Once the evacuation is completed, fire wardens will take a head count of personnel to insure that all persons have evacuated safely. If any person is unaccounted for, notify a security officer or other member of the Fire Safety Team (wearing GREEN vests) immediately. 

If there are handicapped personnel located on your floor, assign 2 people to assist them in the evacuation to the nearest stairwell. The fire warden should notify the building's Security staff that there are handicapped personnel located in the stairwell on the floor being evacuated. The walls of the stairwell are fire rated for 2 hours, so they will provide a safe waiting area for the personnel to stand by for a proper evacuation by the fire department rescue team. 

Remember, when exiting the building by the stairwell; insure that everyone is calm and moving at a safe pace. All personnel will need to keep to the right hand side of the stairwell to allow emergency personnel to come up the stairwell if necessary. All personnel exiting should exit quickly and quietly to avoid panic and confusion.

If the stairwells are blocked by smoke or fire, return to your office and:

  1. Close the doors.
  2. Call building management and/or the Fire Department and notify them of your location.
  3. Place towels or clothing around the door.
  4. Cover A/C vents with towels or clothing.
  5. Place a wet cloth over your nose and mouth.
  6. Stay low, below the smoke.
  7. Do not break windows unless it is a last resort. Smoke will enter your room.